Hi, I'm Carmina!

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My Story

I was six years old when I held my first camera. It was my dad's Olympus Digital-  one where you had to slide the plastic piece in the front over to the side to reveal the lens. Super old school now, but back then it was new and the most exciting thing in the world! 

My love for the art continued on through high school, where I took my first official photography class and learned about the exposure triangle, the dark room, and even built my own pin camera out of a cardboard box. Things have evolved quite a bit since then! Although I miss the creepy revolving door and smell of the darkroom- I adore what digital photography can do! 


My husband put my first DSLR in my hands in 2012. The first thing I shot with it was my sister-in-law's high school softball game. I loved it so much that I decided right then and there that I wanted it to be my job. I started taking pictures of whoever would get in front of my camera- friends, babies, cousins, and yes, even dog Halloween parties- nope, that's not a joke. :)

I've been in this industry for over a decade now, and have been professionally tutored and trained by some of the leading photographers in this country- also. YouTube. lol #learningneverstops 

I still love taking pictures of everything, just like I did when I was six, and just like I did when I was first married. I'm so blessed to have gotten to where I am and I love getting to use my passion to serve wonderful couples on their wedding day. 


My approach is a little different than most photographers- In my head, I am not just there to take pictures for you. I am there to have your back. I understand how sometimes things aren't always picture perfect on a wedding day. Life happens and we hit big snags. When wedding-day-snags happen, I am not going to stand in the corner and wait for the day to get picture perfect and start taking pictures again.


I am going to jump in and help. 

Once, I had a bride who had a gorgeous button up back to her wedding dress but nobody could do the buttons because of their long nails. We were crunched for time so we had Mom pretend to button up the dress for some pictures and then I did the rest. We got it done and we got to the ceremony on time!


At another wedding, again, the party was running late, I was in the Bridal Suite when a groomsmen brought in the Groom's white shirt- it was horribly wrinkled and they didn't know how to steam it. The bride and bridesmaids began to panic. They were still getting ready and didn't have time to steam a shirt.

I put my camera down and steamed the shirt!  

If you need help, I'm going to help. If I don't know the answer- I won't stop until I find it.  

In essence- from beginning to end I'm here as a friend to help you and serve you in any and every way I can.


You only get this day once! Get a good team behind you who can anticipate your needs and who will have your back no matter what.


I'd love to be on that team. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities! Let's connect.